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 – There are several web applications in the agro-food sector, for instance www.chil.org

chil is a network for professional in the food and agriculture, it consider as a kind of  social network for people interesting in agriculture sector. We can found in the website alot of information, technical reports, events, training and several opportunity for employments.

chil cover a wide range of agriculture sector such as water, innova, markets, nature, animal, plants, industry, rural and biotechnology.

for example if we go into industry part, we will found a lot of information and blogs designed by a professionals in this sector and we can share these information and discussing it in a scientific way to solve any problem regarding agro-food industry, also there are updated announcement about the most important events in this sector like a presentation or seminar or meeting with person who have a professional experience in this field.

in fact this web application is a quit important to share our knowledge about different sector in agriculture sciences.

On the other hand it needs a lot of effort to spread this website all over the world not only for Spain and Latin America but also for all counties. 

source: www.chil.org

 – Another interesting web application is AGRO 2.0, place to connect around the world Tics in agriculture.  You can find people like you with whom you converse.

From the first look on this website I can say that it has a lot functions more than chil.org, for instance is has several type of multimedia cover all subjects related to agriculture sectors. but the problem is that this website in Spanish also and if someone need to know the several part of this web application, it should translate into English. but this website have a lot of information and a lot of groups which specialist on different subjects and any one can join to any group to share any information.

Also there is an important tools in agro 2.0, (learn to use agro 2.0) I think this is very important tool for new user to understand who the website could be used. Another tool which called (buying and selling) I can use this tool to buy any agriculture products and know the prices and the quality of each products also if I want to sell my product I can with this website.

Another important tool called (job markets) for those search for a good job in agriculture sector.

also it has differnt type of blogs and I can comment and share knowledge with the auther of each one.

sourse: http://www.agro20.com

 – There is another web application, http://sigpac.mapa.es/fega/visor/

in this website we can found a lot of information about geographic information system GIS related to agriculture sector.

and it known that spatial information in very important to doing anything specialy in agriculture, in this website there are information and different maps for spain, these maps cove a wide subjects such as rainfall, soil, climate, land use and alnd cove.

all these maps used to select the proper site for any agriculture operations and help the desion maker to take the best descion support system for any operation. Also from this website we can download all these maps for free.


source: http://sigpac.mapa.es/fega/visor/

– another website for agriculture sector, http://www.peiagsc.ca/ this website from canada.

The P.E.I. Agriculture Sector Council is a non profit organization which provides a vehicle for effective industry participation in identifying and addressing human resource issues in the agriculture industry. The mandate of the Council is to undertake activities that will enhance the industry’s image to attract and retain skilled workers and thereby increasing its competitiveness in the marketplace.

The P.E.I. Agriculture Sector Council works in partnership with the agricultural industry on the Island, the P.E.I. Association of Sector Councils, and representatives of governments and institutions, to increase the investment of targeted human resources to support a well-trained and available workforce within the agricultural industry of Prince Edward Island. The Board composition represents a diverse group of agricultural organizations, commodity groups, labour and educational institutions.

The P.E.I. Agriculture Sector Council represents agricultural organizations and related groups providing collective leadership on agricultural human resource issues. Through promotion, education, skills training, and agriculture awareness, the Council seeks a skilled, sustainable agricultural workforce on P.E.I.
source: http://www.peiagsc.ca/

another one , http://www.naads.or.ug/, The National Agricultural Advisory Services (NAADS) is a programme of the government of Uganda put in place to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of agricultural extension service. It is a semi-autonomous body formed under NAADS Act of June 2001 with a mandate to develop a demand driven, farmer-led agricultural service delivery system targeting the poor subsistence farmers, with emphasis to women, youth and people with disabilities. The Programme is currently in its Phase II implementing under the Agricultural Technology and Agribusiness Advisory Services (ATAAS) Project set up to support and strengthen implementation and collaboration between the full national programs of NARO and NAADS.

in this website we can found a lot reports , publications, news and events  about agriculture sector. also there is different type of research funding.



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